The all-round carefree package à la carte for the discerning license manager.

Contract type: Subscription
License metric: Per Installation
Manufacturer Matrix42 AG


Reference data for automation and transparency in your SAM

Installed software is automatically detected on your devices. The resulting data is not only extremely numerous, but also contains many irrelevant entries.  Sorting them out and standardizing the corresponding rest into corresponding software products is an extremely time-consuming task. Although the number of items purchased from software licenses is smaller, it is not necessarily easier to register and assign your purchased usage rights.


  1. You delegate the evaluation of your entire software inventory to a team of specialists. This gives you a clear overview of which license products will be installed in your SAM tool without any effort on your part.
  2. In addition, you are supported in assigning application usage data to the installed software products, as the respective software products contain information about the program files.
  3. You gain complete transparency over your software portfolio by obtaining metadata for all installed software products. This not only structures your software landscape according to product categories (UNSPSC and eCl@ss*), but also provides information about the release date and the end of maintenance.
  4. With the manufacturer article number (SKU), you can automatically and securely book your purchased licenses from all manufacturers into your inventory.
  5. The reference data for software and license recognition comprises almost 5 million elements for 7,000 publishers and is supplemented each month by tens of thousands more data records (reference data quantity for LIS standard approx. 700,000 for 10 publishers).
  6. You are close to our team of licensing specialists. At the beginning and every three months there is an interview in which your data situation and priorities are discussed and all further activities coordinated.
  7. In addition, once a month you will receive an overview with key figures on your data as well as information on updates in the LIS database for your software manufacturers and software products relevant to you.

Online library with license conditions

License terms are numerous and complicated. Every publisher uses his freedom to define them for his advantage and to change them continuously. It’s difficult to keep track of them and a challenge to understand the details. However, in your day-to-day business, you must always be aware of the rules of licensing.


  1. You access – directly from the SAM Tool – thousands of documents with definitions and explanations on the conditions of software use of all manufacturers.
  2. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an end-user license agreement (EULA) or licensing assessments for very specific use cases.
  3. In case you do not find what you are looking for in the library, we will quickly complete it accordingly.

SAM Tool Coaching

You know the effect of seminars from experience: you attend the training and know what is going on, but after a short time gaps appear. Especially with special functions that are not performed regularly. Even if special licensing rules need to be mapped in the tool, experience with the tool may not be sufficient to set this up quickly and efficiently.


  1. No question remains unanswered in connection with the use of the tool.
  2. Close gaps in your knowledge and let us help you map licensing scenarios.
  3. Get support in designing your own license models for the automatic calculation of license requirements.

Requirements and conditions of use:

  • Authorization for the LIS Service Level Standard
  • Installed SAM product version 9.1.3 or higher
  • Guaranteed individual completion of 36,000 data records per year (data credits**)
  • Assured individual addition of 8 EULA descriptions and 4 clarifications of special scenarios to the license library each year
  • Assured individual SAM tool support for 6 scenarios per year.
  • Access to the online library requires internet access from the application server

* Customers must be licensed for eCl@ss to receive this categorization. More information:

** more information on the LIS Premium credit system can be found here.

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