The ultimate swiss army knife when it comes to browsing and editing schema model and data – including numerous minor gimmicks.

Contract type: Subscription
License metric: Per Installation
Manufacturer Matrix42 AG


The App SchemaViewer is a multi-purpose toolkit for administrative tasks. It allows the inspection of the data model and payload data, and to some degree their manipulation. It includes and extends functionality of the standard product, such as transfer of data model and payload data, mass deletion, consistency check of schema and data, generating schema extensions by scripting and many other features.

  • Quick navigation through model and data
  • Creation and execution of ASQL queries
  • Generation of schema documentation
  • Portal theme designer
  • Transfer-Operations: export and import of data-model (schema) and payload data
  • Cascading deletion: mass removal of interdependent objects
  • Schema Localisator: edit display-names of schema in all supported languages at once