Data Anonymization and Deletion

Labtagon Data Anonymization and Deletion 

Data cleansing fully automated and DSGVO-compliant

Recurring deletion and anonymization of tickets, personal and contact data according to any criteria. 

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Labtagon Data Anonymization and Deletion 

Labtagon Data Anonymization and Deletion is an extension for Matrix42 Digital Workspace Management.  

When using an IT management system, there are inevitably loads of personal data that are processed in compliance with the GDPR. This means regularly checking the data inventory, deleting data or, if the process dictates, anonymising personal data. With this extension, DSGVO-compliant data anonymization, deletion and reporting can be achieved. 


Data cleansing fully automated and DSGVO-compliant 

Recurring deletion and anonymization of tickets, personal and contact data according to any criteria. 

Here, Data Anonymization and Deletion creates an enormous reduction in workload. It allows both scheduled, recurring tasks to be executed and manually triggered. The advantage lies in the fact that no data is overlooked due to the complete automation and thus the rules of data protection are adhered to. 



  • Deletion of objects (e.g. tickets, persons) 
  • Optional deletion of journals, attachments or archived data 
  • Empty or replace (anonymise) e.g. personal names 
  • Complete report and listing of deleted objects and the corresponding object ID 
  • Freely configurable schedules 
  • SHA256 checksum for anonymisation reports. 



  • Time saving and workload reduction for the administration through automated processes 
  • Recurring tasks can be executed automatically or manually 
  • Error prevention: Due to full automation, no data is overlooked and compliance with the GDPR is ensured. 


Use cases 

  • Anonymization of any data in the DWM and logging according to GDPR / DSGVO 
  • Regular real deletion of personal data and logging according to GDPR / DSGVO 
  • Deletion of selected data outside the GDPR / DSGVO context 

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