C4IT Live Ticker (Per User)

The Live Ticker for the Matrix42 Service Desk keeps service and support staff up to date. Even if the Matrix42 Service Desk is not open, it informs about newly received incidents, tickets, changes, or problems. Also, escalations or end-user responses to queries do not go unnoticed with the Live Ticker.

Contract type: Subscription
License metric: Per User
Fabricant Consulting4IT GmbH


Consulting4IT Live Ticker for Matrix42 Service Desk 

The Consulting4IT Live Ticker for Matrix42 Service Desk keeps service & support team up to date. It informs about new tickets, incidents, changes and problems, even if Matrix42 Service Desk is closed.

A small monitor on the screen, which updates automatically – similar to a news ticker – informs the service desk or support staff about newly received messages and tasks. Divided into topics it indicates the number of events to each category.

Categories in standard configuration are:

  • (new) Incidents
  • (own) Incidents
  • Escalations
  • Reactions (on Request)
  • Solutions

initial situation

Service and support employees – but also those responsible for problem or change management – do not always have the Matrix42 Service Desk open in day-to-day operations. Nevertheless, they need up-to-date information as to whether new tasks have been received for them to process. The same applies to escalations or queries to end users and colleagues – the Matrix42 Service Desk does not respond proactively to new information. The result: the employee has to check the system again and again.
The Matrix42 Service Desk offers the possibility to be informed by email. But there are disadvantages in daily operation: On the one hand, the email system must of course be open. On the other hand, there is a risk that the messages will get lost in the daily flood of e-mails and go unnoticed. Last but not least, the employee must check each new incoming message by email whether it contains relevant information for his work with the Matrix42 Service Desk.


Simple solution

With the live ticker for the Matrix42 Service Desk, Consulting4IT offers its customers another tool that significantly simplifies the work processes in service management and facilitates the daily work of the supporter – from practice for practice.
The installation of the live ticker for the Matrix42 Service Desk is carried out in just a few steps. A flashing icon then informs the service or support staff about new status changes in the Matrix42 Service Desk. Regardless of whether the Matrix42 solution is open or not, the live ticker is reported in real time.


Additional Information:
Flat rate up to 500 users: 2500 € per year

How do I get the product?
The client setup file and the user manual are available after purchase. Shortly afterwards, the server installation and a briefing on the product will take place in a joint appointment with Consulting4IT.