Empirum Hotfix Installer 19.0 Update 2


The Matrix42 Empirum Hotfix Installer for 19.0.2 contains all released hotfixes for Empirum 19.0.2 since the official release.


  • Matrix42 Empirum 19.0 Update 2
  • Microsoft Windows PowerShell version 3.0 or higher

Feature highlights

  • Easy installation of all available hotfixes since the release of the base version
  • Regular updates with the latest hotfixes and notification via email
  • Automatic detection of already installed hotfixes (if installed via the hotfix installer)
  • Automatic compilation of the post installation steps to prevent redundant activities
  • Shows the installation steps before hotfix installation

Current Release

Important note: This Hotfix Installer is only for Version 19.0 Update 2 (19.0.2) !


29 novembre 2019

  • PRB33912: PXE flag is not deleted after PXEOffandReboot package

22 novembre 2019

  • PRB33888: WOL does not work in offline mode (Fix)

1 novembre 2019

  • PRB33782: WOL does not work in offline mode
  • PRB33818: Queue Optimization for updating the DeviceMapping.xml

25 octobre 2019

  • PRB33825: INV: Inventory does not read the SQL Server Edition 2017 and higher

11 octobre 2019

  • PRB33515: [WinPE] Unable to Install Dell HW with MAC pass-through in conjunction with USB-C docks or dongles

04 octobre 2019

  • PRB33749: SWDepot.exe cannot open SWDepot.dds