SharePoint Activities

Labtagon SharePoint Activities for Matrix42 is an extension to the Matrix42 Digital Workspace Management (Service Store) system, which extends workflow capabilities.

Contract type: Subscription
License metric: Installation
Manufacturer Labtagon GmbH


Labtagon SharePoint Activities

is an extension for the Matrix42 Digital Workspace Management System. It expands the full range of features of workflow. Due to the workflow activities Matrix42 System enables the bidirectional data flow between the Matrix42 System and 1 upwards SharePoint Systems. It doesn’t matter if the SharePoint belongs to a cloud or is used in a local data center.
This extension enables to read, to add, to create, to modify or to delete elements from any SharePoint list.
In addiction the Activities are user friendly and can easily be integrated in existing workflows.

This product is compatible with all current Matrix42 versions under maintenance and support.


The Labtagon SharePoint Activities has the following features:

  • Bidirectional data flow with SharePoint
  • Connection Activity
  • Activities can be added, edited and deleted (easy opportunity for field mapping)
  • Get Item, Get Items
  • Visual tracking of Activities and more detailed log file

The installation package includes the following components:

  • Easy installation via Windows setup and license protection.
  • 6 workflow activities
  • Sample configuration in form of a workflow and an action
  • Manual with detailed description of installation and configuration


  • Bidirectional data flow
  • Request of any SharePoint list
  • Extension through Standard Workflows
  • Not a costly development
  • Instant ready to use after installation
  • Simple integration owing to examples

Use cases

  • Create and modify order data in SharePoint
  • Update of computer lists which are used in SharePoint workflows or formulars
  • Update databases in SharePoint
  • Takeover of information about sectors in Matrix42 from SharePoint Listen
  • Takeover of phone books in Matrix42
  • Update of calendar dates in Matrix42

Recommendations for the implementation of this product

This product includes 1 sample process.

Knowledge: Workflow Studio

We recommend implementation by a Matrix42 partner or Labtagon. (Average duration approx. 2 days).


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