Remote Label Print

Remote Label Print enables easy and economical printing of bar- and QR codes directly out of the UUX.


Contract type: Subscription
License metric: Installation
Manufacturer Labtagon GmbH


Labtagon Remote Label Print 

is an extension to the Matrix42 Digital Workspace Management (Service Store). As an ideal complement to the “Barcode Scanner” and “QR Code Scanner” extensions, the uncomplicated printing of barcode and QR code labels is made possible directly from the UUX. All that is needed is a ZPL2-capable printer. 

As a result of the simple configuration and uneventful creation of your own label-templates, Remote Label Print is quickly ready to use.

This product is compatible with all current Matrix42 versions under maintenance and support.


The Labtagon Remote Label Print has the following features: 

  • Configuration of label formats according to individual requirements 
  • Barcode and QR-Code printing 
  • Flexible use, as multiple printers can be controlled in different locations
  • Central management of label templates
  • A status light indicates whether the printer is ready to receive. This facilitates the printing process even if the print job is placed from a remote location

The installation package includes the following components: 

  • Easy installation via Windows Setup
  • Manual with detailed description of installation and configuration


  • Economicaand flexible label printing from the DWM-System independent of the number of needed labels
  • No manual transfer of data into the label print program necessary
  • Location independent

Use cases 

  • Identification and labeling for inventory of IT assets in Matrix42 
  • Labeling of non-IT assets in the Matrix42
  • Marking of rooms to display the assets booked there 

Recommendations for the implementation of this product

This product includes 1 sample process.

Knowledge: Admin Basic and basic layout designer knowledge + ZEBRA Designer/ZPL Deploiment.

We recommend implementation by a Matrix42 partner or Labtagon. (Average duration approx. 1 da).

You can find further information on our website.

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