Reblaze cloud web security

Reblaze provides comprehensive cloud-based security for your sites, web apps, and services, protecting them against DDoS, hacking and breaches, scraping, hostile bots, and more.

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Manufacturer Reblaze Technologies Ltd


Cloud-based, robust, comprehensive web security, including DoS/DDoS protection, a next-generation WAF/IPS, bot detection, scraping prevention, and more.

Reblaze runs on, and integrates seamlessly with, the top-tier cloud providers: Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services. It leverages the power of the global cloud to defeat attackers, automatically blocking hostile traffic before it can reach the protected network. Bandwidth and other resources scale automatically as needed.

Reblaze provides a Virtual Private Cloud to every account: an entire dedicated stack for that customer’s exclusive use. This eliminates the multi-tenancy vulnerabilities inherent to other cloud security solutions.

Reblaze Technologies is a pioneer in next-generation threat detection and mitigation, such as advanced bot detection algorithms, holistic behavior analysis, intelligent user profiling, and more. Machine learning is built into the platform, so that it learns, adjusts, and adapts to the ever-changing Internet threat environment, automatically. Even as new web threats arise, Reblaze remains effective.

The platform is both powerful and highly customizable, with the ability to be fine-tuned for customers’ specific needs. It is fully managed, and always up-to-date.

Pricing varies according to the scale and configuration of the customer’s deployment. The price quoted here is for a Virtual Private Cloud, Single Region Multi-Zone on a Business SLA.

Reblaze Technologies is a PCI-DSS certified service provider.