neo42 Paketdepot (S) for MS SCCM

Fully-fledged standard application packages, ready for distribution with MS SCCM or other systems.

Contract type: Subscription
License metric: Per Installation
Manufacturer neo42 GmbH


neo42 Paketdepot (S) gives you access to 350 ready-made standard application packages.

Characteristics of neo42 Paketdepot (S) for MS SCCM

  • All packages are based on the manufacturers’ Unattended Setup.
  • A configuration file allows you to comfortably set central parameters such as proxy, license key, desktop icon …
  • New software versions are packaged and provided within few days.
  • The software packages contain installation, reinstallation and deinstallation of the application.
  • Automatic updates have been switched off and undesired add-ons or adware is not installed.
  • The packages are available as x86 and x64, in English and German.
  • The software packages have been tested for Win7, Win8.x and Win10, together with SCCM 2012 (R2) and SCCM 2016.
  • The package scripts provide for user profile changes in a dedicated script user part, that is run in the particular user context. Thus, the packages are compatible with roaming profiles and terminal server.
  • All package scripts are based on the neo42 VBS function library, containing more than 300 documented, deployment specific VBS functions.
  • You can use the Paketdepot as a development environment for the packaging of your other applications.
  • Paketdepot contains the powerful neo42 Package Wizard that assists you with the packaging of your own applications.

Please contact neo42 for a list of available applications.

You sign up the Paketdepot service for one year, and the service is not prolonged automatically. However, practically all neo42 Paketdepot (S) customers renew the service regularly, as the product quality convinces.

neo42 Paketdepot also contains neo42 Toolbox

neo42 Toolbox offers you SCCM add-ons developed by neo42, e.g. the powerful neo42 Package Wizard that assists you with the packaging of your own applications. Toolbox also features the neo42 Service Portal Client for an automated check for new application or package versions, the automated download and the automated integration of the packages in SCCM.

Please follow the link for futher further information on neo42 Toolbox (in German language).