MakroAccess42 is a Makro Factory solution based on the BI solution Bissantz DeltaMaster. MakroAccess42 displays the rights granted or withdrawn to / from employees within a particular period of time on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The associated license is a full named user license, which allows the connection of additional databases.

Contract type: Subscription
License metric: Installation
Manufacturer Makro Factory GmbH & Co. KG


Why MakroAccess42?

The Makro Factory BI solution provides you with information regarding who has access to which application at what level. The application is slim, fast and delivers a lightning-fast result! MakroAccess42 gives you the answer – immediately and at a glance.

MakroAccess42 natively supports the rights management of the Matrix42 suite. Additional applications can be added easily and independently thanks to open database interfaces. MakroAccess42 answers the important w-questions of rights management: who is allowed to do what why and since when?

Especially with regards to the GDPR guidelines MakroAccess42 helps you keep track of all rights assigned.


When? “Just” a recertification…

The cyclical requirements for regular monitoring of employees’ rights assume enormous proportions, especially in the context of “recertification”.

MakroAccess42 takes over this task completely so that more time remains for risk minimization and is not wasted on data processing.


What? Deeper privileges?

Is your company working with rights profiles? Often more in-depth authorizations are required for a profile resulting in considerable effort when being cyclically revised.

MakroAccess42 provides exact deltas between two points in time and compares the authorizations in detail. This gives you an exact picture of the “actual state” which can be evaluated.


Where to? Changes in rights

Did you know that an employee changes an average of 15,000 rights per month? Due to the dynamic nature of IT, the focus is more than ever on the rights granted. New applications, employee changes or changed areas of responsibility continuously influence the rights granted.

MakroAccess42 refelcts this change in the form of a time delta in an understandable and simplified way, making it comprehensible and controllable.


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Download the MakroAccess42 flyer here.


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Upgrade options:

MakroAccess42 is only one module of the full version of MakroAccess. The full version MakroAccess also provides you with the possibility to evaluate six of the most important applications in your company (DeltaMaster, FileServer, SQL-Server, Active Directory, Matrix42 and SharePoint).