lmbit Sophos Mobile Connector


Integrate Sophos Mobile into Matrix42 Service Store and get inventory data.

Not compatible with Sophos Central

License metric: Installation
Manufacturer lmbit GmbH


lmbit Sophos Mobile Connector

The lmbit Sophos Mobile Connector is an extension to the Matrix42 Service Store. It connects to an instance of Sophos Mobile and serves quite literary as a data provider.

Sophos Mobile is a Software that offers Mobile Device Management. Mobile Devices are registered with Sophos Mobile. This usually is as simple as installing a Sophos Mobile Application on a device and scanning a barcode. The devices are assigned a profile that determines compliance standards. The application provides information pertaining to that mobile device, such as IMEI, phone number, installed Applications, root status etc.

The lmbit Sophos Mobile Connector queries a Web Service to access this information and uses it to create or update Asset Management Data in the Matrix 42 Service Store. Among the data that is provided by the Sophos Mobile Connector are:

  • the Name of the Device
  • the description
  • liability
  • Serial Number
  • IMEI
  • OS (Platform and Version)
  • an inventory of the installed Applications

You also get an email address which is used to assign the device to a principal user and you get a phone number along with the carrier network and the SIM serial number which is used to establish a relation between the device and SIM cards.

This makes it conveniently easy to have current and constantly updated data on all your mobile devices present in your asset management. You don’t have to manually enter all the information or go through the hassle of manually exporting data to a csv file and import the information with a suitable GDI-sequence. With engine activation the process of importing the data can be fully automated.

The benefits are a multitude and quite obvious.

Installing and configuring this tool is quick and simple. It’s an essential extension to the Service Store for everyone that employs Sophos Mobile and uses the Service Store for Asset Management.


Mobile Device registered with Sophos Mobile:

Imported in Matrix42 Service Store (Classic UI):




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