Identity and Access Management – IAM

DSP delivers a service article in the Matrix42 service catalogue to select and order access rights within the AD controlled fileshares and applications, an intelligent workflow for approval and fully automated implementation, parking and removal of access rights.

Contract type: Subscription
License metric: User
Manufacturer DSP IT Service GmbH


Identity and Access Management in the context of information security management

The GDPR and ISO 27.001 (Appendix A) require process-controlled allocation, monitoring and withdrawal of user rights, as well as the ability to audit permits at any time. The assigned user access must be checked annually and, if necessary, corrected, whereby the check must be documented in an auditable manner.

Companies often still manage user rights manually and not in a process-oriented manner, so that with the existing Microsoft technologies and without a dedicated IAM tool, it is increasingly difficult to meet these requirements efficiently, securely and sustainably.

With the Identity and Access Management  add-on tool, DSP IT Service provides IT departments that use the Matrix42 ITSM system with a solution that precisely meets these requirements.

The DSP Identity and Access Management add-on tool

The IAM add-on tool from DSP IT Service provides a service item in the Matrix42 service catalog for selecting and ordering access rights to AD-controlled file shares and applications, an intelligent, special workflow for approval and fully automated setup, parking and revocation of access rights.

In the event of an audit, a special reporting module provides all the necessary information about the permits and access rights granted for each person or target system.

The automated health check checks rights assigned by the system and compares them fully automatically with the booking status of the Matrix42 catalog, so that it is ensured that unapproved, granted access rights are identified, checked and process-controlled with an automatically generated ticket.

The advantages at a glance

– Reduction of the work involved in approving, issuing, monitoring and withdrawing user authorizations through standardization, digitization and automation of these recurring processes.
– Easy handling by adding up individual authorizations to standardized profiles (e.g. Marketing / On-, Off-boarding or departmental changes).
– Simple, automated transaction management and billing.
– Fast and inexpensive implementation in your proven Matrix42 application / connection of your systems such as File shares.
– Establish transparency (e.g. approval workflows and self-service), compliance and auditability in accordance with GDPR and ISO 27.001.

Please note the system requirements: