Environment Manager

Clone your TEST or DEVELOPMENT Matrix42 Software Asset & Service Management System based on Matrix42 PRODUCTION Environment using Environment Manager.

Contract type: Subscription
License metric: Installation
Manufacturer Cubefinity GmbH


“Environment Manager” is a stand-alone app for the Matrix42 Software Asset and Service Management Suite.

The app allows you to fully automatically transfer an entire production system into a test or development system. For example, you can synchronize the current status of system configurations and databases from a development system to a test system or vice versa. Extensive configuration options in the app allows to map a wide variety of customer environments and scenarios.



  • Actions – Beside the mirroring the following actions can be performed:
    • Start Services
    • Stop Services
    • Restart Services
    • Perform IIS Reset
    • Backup databases of target system
    • Backup databases of source system
  • Dashboard – Overview of the current system versions
  • Extended Configuration
    • Extension of the Services to be started and stopped
    • Upload of SQL scripts for additional execution