E-Mail Robot Extended

Create new users upon incoming e-mails from unknown addresses and assign them to the newly created incident.

Contract type: Subscription
License metric: Per Installation
Manufacturer Matrix42 AG


E-Mail Robot Extended for Matrix42 Workspace Management


The package E-Mail Robot Extended extends the existing MailRobot to create a new user with the incoming mail adrdress and set it as initiator of the newly created incident, in case no user with that mail address could be found.

Values of the created user can be defined in a configuration file in this location: “INSTALLDIR\Web\User\Configs\CUSTMailRobotExt.config” The default configuration sets the three ownership objects to “Global” and the state to “Active” (2023).

In the user table, the attributes for LastName and MailAddress are filled with the mail address of the incoming email (all occurences of %MailAddress% are replaced dynamically with the respective value).

The same pattern can be used to fill additional attributes in these or other user classes with default values by simply extending the configuration file. When installing this package for the first time, the config file mentioned above needs to be renamed (just remove the “_ref”). This reference infix is only to ensure that no working configuration is overwritten when the package is reinstalled or new versions are installed on top. If there is no file with the correct name, the MailRobot will work like in the standard product and write an error message to the log. Error messages and debug information about the customizing will be dumped to the file “INSTALLDIR\Logs\HostCommon.log”.