Cloud Expense Management

Matrix42 Cloud Expense Management allows customers to continuously monitor their PaaS and IaaS expenses across multiple cloud vendors.

Contract type: Subscription
License metric: Installation
Manufacturer Matrix42 AG


Cloud Expense Management for Matrix42 Workspace Management


Manage your costs for IaaS and PaaS cloud resources used from Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform actively with Matrix42 Cloud Expense Management. Import your contracts, resources and invoice items automatically for a 360° view on your cloud expenses. Leverage this complete transparency to understand, plan, control and optimize your cloud spending. In combination with Matrix42 Service Catalog you even cross-charge all costs to the consuming units, helping them to reconcile those investments with business values.

Location-independent provisioning, less administrative work and faster scaling – IT from the cloud hovers above everything! The other side of the coin: According to a recent market study (Cloud Monitor 2019 from Bitkom Research on behalf of KPMG), IT costs increase by 36% due to the cloud!  Without effective monitoring, IT managers are unable to understand their IaaS and PaaS spending quickly enough to effectively control or optimize it. What exactly are the costs for? Who is responsible for which resources and why did they even establish them? What is the potential to optimize investments and which costs could be cut entirely?

Matrix42 Cloud Expense Management helps you to solve that challenge!

  • Get a complete overview of technical resources
  • Create transparency about resulting costs
  • Achieve understanding of existing contracts with cloud providers
  • Keeping a daily eye on cost structures and developments
  • Integrate cloud costs into internal cost and service allocation

Data provider is available in Matrix42 Extension Gallery