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Centraya supports companies on their digital transformation journey. Centraya enables secure usage of cloud applications and allows GDPR compliant storage of data in the cloud.

Get back in control of your data – also in the Matrix42 cloud.

Contract type: Subscription
License metric: One Time
Manufacturer TAP.DE Solutions GmbH


Centraya protects your data at field – and file-level bevor it is stored in Matrix42 cloud applications. Encrypt your sensitive data. Centraya is designed to meet highest data protection requirements and only you own the keys. Cybercriminals, governments, administrators and supporters will no longer get unauthorized access to your data. Protect what matters: personal identifiable data, intellectual property and more, because it is your data.

Meet the requirements of GDPR, PCI DSS, Patient record Processing Guidelines (i.e. ASIP Sante) and other regulations.

Centraya is delivered as a pre-configured virtual appliance including pre-defined protection templates for the Matrix42 cloud applications that you want to protect.


Additional information:

Centraya is your data protection solution for Matrix 42 cloud applications. Ease of use, low operating costs and strong performance are the cornerstones of Centraya. There is only 2 – 3 ms overhead per encrypted field – that´s only 20 – 30 ms per typical website with 10 protected fields.

Centraya is built for multi-cloud environments supporting Matrix 42, leading Cloud CRM and HR solutions all the way to self written web applications.  The built-in learning mode makes it easy to identify fields that require protection. Centraya’s protection and encryption mechanisms make working with protected content a smooth operation: Email, URL, Reporting, Export, PDF creation and many more functions just work without any restriction.

Save your money on GDPR penalties and start using cloud the secure way – the Centraya way.