Secure Discovery and Dependency Mapping (SDDM) Level 1 (Copy) (Copy)

Le chemin le plus rapide pour modéliser les dépendances des applications et des services.

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Level 1: FireScope IT Asset Discovery

Get control of your IT Assets!

FireScope provides persistent, real-time Discovery of your IT Assets with CMDB/ITSM integration.


FireScope is an innovative SaaS based discovery, dependency mapping, security and performance monitoring software company that helps customers to accurately identify and monitor all their technology assets as well as the business services inter-dependencies that those assets support. FireScope’s customers use this data to ensure their business services continuously perform at an optimum level to maximise the business value of their assets and to ensure that up to date information is available to inform any change projects that impact assets.


With the growing complexity of hybrid cloud, virtualisation, micro services, etc, organisations are finding it extremely difficult to maintain asset inventory, implement a HA/DR sites or enable cloud/data centre migrations.  That’s because enterprises are relying on tools with older discovery techniques – each with siloed and incomplete inventories that only provide a snapshot in time. As a result, it’s extremely difficult to perform regulatory audits, implement change management, make informed business decisions about IT or plan successful cloud migrations.


A recognised global leader, FireScope enables an end-to-end enhanced intelligent viewpoint, by discovering all your IT assets. FireScope establishes baselines and continuously monitors and alerts on their status, ensuring a secure, fully visible, service and business-ready IT environment.


FireScope Discovery (SDDM) enables customers to populate and secure accurate, service-aware CMDBs using an automated approach to discovery of all IT assets (Configuration Items or CIs) in the enterprise. FireScope’s SDDM is a powerful platform built with the idea that a solution should be simple to deploy, intuitive, provide a quick ROI and be a platform for multiple IT and business use cases. FireScope Discovery provides the key to CMDB Success!

  • Discovering all IT Assets – including applications, networks, virtual/cloud and storage.
  • Keeping the baseline accurate for your CMBD/ITSM platforms – accelerating deployment and ROI.
  • Enhancing Change Management and removing the need for manual or reactive Discovery activities that delay and slow down projects.
  • Supporting Business Demanded Use-cases such as Asset Management, Cost Optimisation, Project Scoping, Risk Management, etc.


Firescope Use Cases


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