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Migration from DSM to Matrix42/Empirum made easy

Contract type: Purchase
License metric: Pieces
Manufacturer IDERI GmbH
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Migration from DSM to Matrix42 made easy.

A migration comes along with a lot of effort. Moving a multi-application environment that has grown over the years to a different system is not an easy task… until now!  Just take your DSM packages with you and continue using them in Matrix42/Empirum.

Notice: The price indicated is per package.


Find out how we can make it easy:

  • Easy export of packages
  • No repackaging of old packages
  • Use your DSM packages in Matrix42
  • No need for double packaging while migrating


 Your benefits:

  • Continue to use existing know how
  • Relief for your employees
  • Higher ROI by automating workflows while migrating
  • More time to focus on the essentials