Empirum Hotfix Installer 17.0 Update 2


The Matrix42 Empirum Hotfix Installer for 17.0.2 contains all released hotfixes for Empirum 17.0.2 since the official release.


  • Matrix42 Empirum 17.0.2
  • Microsoft Windows PowerShell version 3.0 or higher

Feature highlights

  • Easy installation of all available hotfixes since the release of the base version
  • Regular updates with the latest hotfixes and notification via email
  • Automatic detection of already installed hotfixes (if installed via the hotfix installer)
  • Automatic compilation of the post installation steps to prevent redundant activities

Current Release

Important note: This Hotfix Installer is only for Version 17.0 Update 2 (17.0.2). Customers running 17.0.0 or 17.0.1 have to update to Update 2 prior running this Hotfix Installer!


1 mars 2019 - NOUVEAU

  • PRB32662: Advanced Agent: Reboot will be forced

8 février 2019 - NOUVEAU

  • PRB32288: Advanced Agent: Reboot message can be aborted
  • PRB32457: PXE-Service stops working

23 novembre 2018

  • PRB32061: Problem with updating DeviceMapping.xml
  • PRB32077: PB: Sometimes no successful backup on event "LockStation"

16 novembre 2018

  • PRB32006: PM: Scan fails if option SCANALL is set to 0

2 novembre 2018

  • PRB31791: PXE Service sends DHCP ACK - the second DNS server is not written to the network config

26 octobre 2018

  • PRB31699: Deadlock situation on updating the UUID and assigning clients to groups

19 octobre 2018

  • PRB31764: PM: Last approved predecessors of excluded patches aren't automatically excluded too
  • PRB31844: PM: Related Windows Scheduler Tasks will not be deleted correctly
  • PRB31883: PM: Windows 10 Feature Upgrade doesn't work with UEM Agent correctly
  • PRB31888: PM: Changed download links for 3rd party software will not be applied to the database correctly

12 octobre 2018

  • PRB31758: Advanced Agent: Reboot message doesn't show all information if scaling is set to over 100 percent

14 septembre 2018

  • PRB31666: EmpSync.exe does not handle file exclusions on depot servers correctly

31 août 2018

  • PRB31516: PM: Patch problem with Java 10

24 août 2018

  • PRB31258: View designer hides folders under certain circumstances
  • PRB31557: Cannot create 'DeviceMapping.xml' because it is being used by another process

10 août 2018

  • PRB31074: OS.ini folder bug - MAC8 folder created with lowercase letters on cascaded infrastructure causes deployment issues

27 july 2018

  • PRB30831: AutoAdmin Logon Windows 10/1709 - PRB30215 can lead to Domain trust issues

  • PRB30892: PM scan files moved to error folder because of DEADLOCKS

  • PRB31263: PXE_Logs are moved to the error directory

13 july 2018

  • PRB31272: EmpSync.exe does not handle exclusions with variables correctly

28 juni 2018

  • RB31190: BTQH64 - Trace.log file in System32 folder is growing and doesn't get deleted

  • PRB31211: Decrypting issues with special characters
  • PRB31035: SDK: New Empirum API Service for SDK Version 1.13

15 juni 2018

  • PRB31149: Problem with PXE/DHCP Server Mode in PXE Service

25 mai 2018

  • PRB30500: Patch Management: PM client detects a wrong patch as a service pack predecessor
  • PRB30520: PM: Auto approve not saving template correctly if only one product is activated
  • PRB30502: PM (EOL)/UAF: Client scan fails on Windows 2012 R2 server because of returning UAF-error
  • PRB30555: PM: Scan not possible - The input string has the wrong format - Certificate error
  • PRB30570: PM: Patches are moved out of a test group before the end of the test period
  • PRB30563: SDK: New Empirum API Service for SDK Version 1.12
  • PRB30567: PM: Variable SCANALL not working when set to "Scan only in assigned patch groups"

  • PRB30588: PM: Auto Approve is moving already approved patches back into test-subgroup

  • PRB30591: PM: Patch post process after Windows Feature pack installation fails

  • PRB30613: PM: Timeout during a Catalog Sync

  • PRB30544: Error in the Empirum Subdepot 17.0 package with password expired option
  • PRB30503: Importing variable values via CSV file does not work

  • PRB30651: No reliable LDAP sync if computer is additionally in an assignment group

  • PRB30637: EMC: Copy and paste a configuration group, transferring not all
  • PRB30572: EMC: Window and column size of the computer inventory tab is not saved
  • PRB30657: An older version of a package can not be uninstalled via Empirum Advanced Agent
  • PRB30438: After the implementation of PRB30215, DISK IMAGING is unable to restore the VHD properly
  • PRB30711: TIMEZONE Variables setting wrong values

  • PRB30774: Status of PreOS packages is undefined after inventory scan

  • PRB30699: UUID caused duplicate entries in DHCP_Entries table and prevents OS installation
  • PRB30880: PM: Unhandled exception is occuring during installation of patches
  • PRB30830: PM: Patch-UI is not showing up when variable SHOW_UI is set to maximized

  • PRB30881: PM + PM (EOL): Changes for Microsoft Office Security Bulletin Naming Convention
  • PRB30937: PM + PM (EOL) Patch download from depot server instead of master server
  • PRB30569: RDP and ICA Sessions terminate when Eris is started
  • PRB30569: RDP and ICA Sessions terminate when Eris is started

  • PRB31019: WinPE variables are getting lost on package change
  • PRB31027: Inventory - Windows 10 Build Revision will not be detected correctly
  • PRB31009: PXE activation via EAI does not work
  • PRB30807: Presentation Mode is enabled after OS Installation

  • PRB31011: No Package Installation if Agent is in OS Installation Mode if retries is Set to 0

  • PRB30556: Agent reports "Cannot execute Setup.exe" and can only install after a restart

  • PRB31085: WinPE variables - TimeZone settings by variable or by script

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