Matrix42 Client Management Hotfix Installer (16.1.3)


The Matrix42 Client Management Hotfix Installer for 16.1.3 contains all released hotfixes for CLM 2015 SP 1 Update3 (Empirum 16.1.3) since the official release.

Feature highlights

  • Easy installation of all available hotfixes since the release of the base version Client Management 2015 SP1 (16.1.3)
  • Regular updates with the latest hotfixes and notification via email
  • Automatic detection of already installed hotfixes (if installed via the hotfix installer)
  • Automatic compilation of the post installation steps to prevent redundant activities

System requirements

  • Matrix42 Client Management 2015 SP1 (Empirum 16.1.3)
  • Microsoft Windows PowerShell version 3.0 or higher

Current Release

27. avril

Released Hotfixes

The following hotfixes are currently part of the Installer
  • PRB104252: OS Re-Import Error "Reload information from disk" - Timing Problem
  • PRB104396: Delivery of BTQH Plugin for UEM
  • PRB29285: Package Wizard crashes when generating a MSI Package with mst file
  • PRB29596: Copy and paste of packages in configuration groups does not work
  • PRB29638: Creation of EPE boot image does not handle DHCP options settings correctly (revised 4.4.2017)
  • PRB29615: Citrix Server Logons after Reboot still disabled
  • PRB29658: If the agent template has been configured with AES encrypted passwords, the creation of a boot image will fail
  • PRB29685: Fix for TFTPD Traversal Problem
  • PRB29689: UAF error if old dll exists in GAC
  • PRB29698: Advanced Agent - More restricted local cache rights
  • PRB29699: Webservice - Prevent traversal path usage
  • PRB29615: Citrix Server Logons after Reboot still disabled [Revised]
  • PRB29739: Empirum Inventory - Wrong license number for Office if Visio or Project is installed
  • PRB29787: Wrong properties of newly inserted Linux packages
  • PRB29147: Inventory description texts in the console are always in English
  • PRB29766: PMv3: UAF Message: "The data is invalid" if Laptop changes from LAN to WLAN
  • PRB29793: WOL: Uncontrolled wake up of clients - WOL Offline
  • PRB29854: OS Install Mode will not be resolved complete on WIN10 Clients
  • PRB29897: WOL-Offline – Computers are not woken up (WOL via distribution commands, Scheduler)
  • PRB29859: Unable to use WADK10 (1703) for Disk Imaging
  • PRB29933: Advanced Agent - Nested groups for tabs will not be resolved correctly
  • PRB29820: Drivers for Server 2016 will be created in the directory for Server 2012
  • PRB29979: Subdepot Package does not set the folder rights correct if variable SET_NTFS_RIGHTS=1
  • PRB30063: Subdepot Package does not set the folder rights correct if variable SET_NTFS_RIGHTS=1 (Revised 19.8)
  • NEW PRB28364: Under rare circumstances, the open file dialog for inserting software packages doesn't work correctly
  • PRB30058: Activation of computers takes long time if Offline (PXE,WOL) data should be processed.
  • PRB30044: RDP Session quits when ERIS starts
  • PRB29312: Applying computers in known devices may open an empty message and property dialog
  • PRB30174: Filter action "Software distribution via assignment groups" doesn't work correctly
  • PRB30198: ERIS restart terminates RDP and ICA session on CITRIX Terminalserver
  • PRB30420: PM3: Catalog sync fails because of problems with the default download-URLs
  • PRB30264: WOL: Wake up in the night next day, GMT overwrites local date

  • PRB30651: LDAP: If a computer is member of an assignment and a configuration group, the LDAP service finds the wrong LdapGUID

  • PRB30881: PM3: Changes for Microsoft Office Security Bulletin Naming
  • NEW - PRB30569: RDP and ICA Sessions terminate when Eris is started
  • NEW - PRB30556: Agent reports "Cannot execute Setup.exe" and can only install after a restart