Matrix42 Client Management Hotfix Installer (16.1.1) - LTSB


Le programme d'installation Matrix42 Client Management Hotfix Installer for 16.1.1 contient tous les correctifs publiés de CLM 2015 SP 1 Update1 (Empirum 16.1.1) depuis la publication officielle.

Principales caractéristiques

  • Installation facile de tous les correctifs disponibles depuis la publication de la version de base Client Management 2015 SP1 (16.1.1)
  • Mises à jour régulières avec les tout derniers correctifs et notification par e-mail
  • Détection automatique des correctifs déjà installés (s'ils ont été installés via le programme d'installation de correctifs)
  • Compilation automatique des étapes post-installation pour éviter les activités redondantes

Configuration préalable requise

  • Matrix42 Client Management 2015 SP1 (Empirum 16.1.1)
  • Microsoft Windows PowerShell version 3.0 ou une version supérieure

Version actuelle

23 marche 2018

Released Hotfixes

The following hotfixes are currently part of the Installer:
  • PRB29074 Computer objects will be duplicated if also detected by Device Discovery
  • PRB29075 Under certain circumstances, the Mac Agent doesn't install software packages
  • PRB29159 SWDepotLog service does not delete imported PXE logs
  • PRB29138 Package Wizard crashes when editing MSI properties
  • PRB29148: Package Wizard creates wrong MSI Installer IDs
  • PRB29123: A reboot which has been activated through Remote Management will not be executed at the selected Date/Time
  • PRB29170: After deleting a computer from an assignment group, the ddc file will not be updated
  • PRB29102: Under certain conditions, the webservice doesn't start after installation of the Subdepot Webservices Configuration package
  • PRB29198: PXE service update for using Self Provisioning with EPE4
  • PRB29199: Unwanted software activation after adding and deleting of a package to a configuration group
  • PRB29207: Activating a computer causes multiple entries in the activation queue depending on existing depotserver assignment
  • PRB29216: WakeOnLan service ignores the configured date
  • PRB29266: Easy Recovery calls ERIS.exe without signature check
  • PRB29117: Wrong behavior by the function AskUninstallOld=2 when old and new version of a software package are assigned to the client / ERIS_UI doesn't start if called by desktop link
  • PRB29327: Missing function in Empirum API DLL (Software provisioning through Empirum Connector / Service Catalog doesn't work correctly)
  • PRB29376: No download and no installation, if a product is assigned in a higher version for uninstalation and in a lower version for installation
  • PRB29476: Empirum Console hangs up (LTSB)
  • PRB29530: No package installation of version 1.0 and 2.0 if in version 2.0 a scheduling is set (LTSB)
  • PRB29560: WOL: Wake On Lan ignores the additional broadcast IP addresses in online mode (LTSB)
  • PRB29568: Wrong properties of new insert Linux packages (LTSB)
  • PRB29596: Copy and paste of packages in configuration groups doesn´t work (LTSB)
  • PRB29615: Citrix Server Logons after Reboot still disabled (LTSB)
  • PRB29787: Wrong properties of newly inserted Linux packages (LTSB)
  • PRB29793: WOL: Uncontrolled wake up of clients - WOL Offline (LTSB)
  • PRB28869: Device Discovery: Created mappings are not recognized (LTSB)
  • PRB29815: Import of more than one Windows 10 MUI language pack from the same language - Only the latest MUI version will be installed
  • PRB30420: PM3: Catalogsync fails because of problems with the default download-URLs (LTSB)

  • PRB29196: Activate new software during Search and Replace Dialog (LTSB)

  • PRB29688: SetReboot 4 doesn't work when installation runs under control of ERIS (LTSB)

  • NEW - PRB30881: PM3: Changes for Microsoft Office Security Bulletin Naming Convention

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