Empirum macOS Components

The Mac Software Agent, Inventory and Package Wizard are released separate from the general product release cycle. This allows more flexible updates and fast independent feature delivery. With each Empirum release the current fully tested and stable version will be shipped with the product. Updates will be available via the Matrix42 Marketplace more frequently.

Latest Features and Changes

New features till February, 18 2021 in Release 2102

  • Agent installation using Silverback is now part of the macOS components and has been optimized

New features till January, 19 2021 in Release 2101

  • mac Inventory provides information about installed fonts. This feature requires Empirum v20.0.3

New features till November, 16 2020 in Release 2010

  • Package Wizard now supports macOS 11.0 Big Sur
  • Empirum Agent:
    • Support for macOS 11.0 Big Sur
    • Agent sends information about the assigned and used Agent template
    • PRB35096: Agent generates multiple mount points of Configurator$ and EmpInv$
  • Inventory:
    • PRB35165: Transfer of EmpInvScan_MACOSX.xml is not always correct

New features till Jul, 3 2020 in Release 2007.0 (168831)

  • Package Wizard includes an updated EmpiurmAgent uninstall routine.
  • Empirum Agent:
    • Fixed issue that local user in ini file was not used for the connection
    • Fixed issue that downloaded files were corrupted if http(s) request failed

New features till May, 20 2020 in Release 2005.0 (165356)

  • The included Inventory in EmpirumAgent for macOS is executed in the user context
  • Improved https(s) transport and logging
  • Introducing Inventory file-search (available with Empirum 20.0 Update 1)
  • General Stabilisation and Improvements

New features till March, 27 2020 in Release 2003.0 (157360)

  • Agent sending version information in daily status to Empirum Server
  • Inventory 2003.0 (157357) detecting Microsoft Office365 and Microsoft Office On-Premises

New features till March, 5 2020 in Release 2003.0 (155727)

  • Improved printing Logs to Mac Console Application
  • Improved transport

New features till Feb, 14 2020 in Release 2002.0 (152361)

  • Cleanup Package Wizard for easier usage
  • Implemented usage of GUI Agent detected username
  • UserDefinedValues from EmpInvScan_MacOSX.xml implemented for Inventory
  • Implemented InvTempData for Computername and Domain
  • Fix crash when password or username in Template is missing

New features till Dec, 19 2019 in Release 1912.0 (147981)

  • Instant Self Update of Empirum Agent
  • Fixed Bug: Inventory detect deinstalled Software Packages as installed
  • Fixed Bug: Inventory starts on macOS 10.10 and macOS 10.11
  • Fixed Bug: Inventory stopp working when Time Machine disk is attached
  • Changed Version System to YYMM.0 (BUILD-Number)


    The following Empirum versions are supported as backend systems:

    • Matrix42 Client Management 2015 (Empirum v15.1.9) to Matrix42 Client Management 2018 (Empirum v18.0.2)

    System Requirements for Client:

    • macOS 10.10 - 10.15

    Please note that some features require settings only available in new versions of the Empirum Backend and some features are available depending from used macOS version.


    Matrix42 provides the option to manage macOS-based systems with Empirum using Matrix42 Mac Empirum Agent.


    • Manual installation
    • Remote installation via Agent push
    • Manual check for new software installation
    • Scheduled check for new software installation
    • Connection to server displayed in macOS menu
    • Usage of static set names for computers and workgroup
    • User friendly request (Z-Dialog) is configurable in the Agent template
    • Protocol Failover for SMB and HTTP(S)
    • Server Failover
    • Respects minimal free disk space
    • Build-in Inventory (without AUT - Application Usage Tracking)
    • If Inventory configuration is available, but the upload fails, Empirum Agent uploads scanresult
    • If Inventory configuration is not available, Empirum Agent uploads scanresult
    • Maximum number of failed installation
    • Installation and reinstallation of the Empirum Agent starts inventory
    • The order of software packages in DDS is respected
    • Improved Support-information
    • Use enabled DHCP Options (DHCP Options setup)
    • Use the full feature set of the “Use Assigned Empirum Servers” option in the agent template
    • Use the Reboot 1 and 5 options

    Change History