Empirum Hotfix Installer 20.0.0


The Matrix42 Empirum Hotfix Installer for 20.0.0. contains all released hotfixes for Empirum 20.0.0 since the official release.


  • Matrix42 Empirum 20.0.0
  • Microsoft Windows PowerShell version 3.0 oder höher

Feature highlights

  • Simplified depot server management with https support to easily connect sites, even if they can only communicate over the Internet.
  • Advanced configuration package functionality for easy assignment of complex variable configurations
  • Further optimizations and bug fixes

Current Release

Important note: This Hotfix Installer is only for Version 20.0.0!

Solved Problems

15 May 2020

  • PRB34354: The UUID is not applied into the computer properties for known clients in different scenarios

  • PRB34550: For an OS installation with an Offline Depot the PXEOff entry is not reset

08 May 2020

  • PRB34537: Incorrect assignment of more than one Empirum server at group level

01 May 2020

  • PRB264531: UEM Backend: Improve Update UEM Trigger on InvComputer

  • PRB264531: UEM Backend: Computer updates are NOT tracked/publish when updating the InvalidUuid-Table

  • PRB34474: PM: Incorrect number for affected computers in patch search dialog

  • PRB34475: PM: Changed computer name/domain are not automatically reflected by PM reports

  • PRB34487: Log messages of WinPE and software distributions of new installed clients are written to PM-Log

  • PRB34502: EMC: Order of assigned Empirum Server will not be changed in Computername.ini

  • PRB34513: Depot Sync: EMPINST Folder will not be synchronized

  • PRB34521: Depot Sync: Status "Failure" instead of "Downloading" in Depot Sync Log

24 April 2020

  • PRB34427: Error in the interaction of Empirum and Service Store in case of failed software installation/uninstallation

17 April 2020

  • PRB34447: Wrong assignment of multiple selected Empirum servers on group level
  • PRB34461: Some dialog boxes are cut off at the bottom (Setup.exe, PBackup.exe, Wincab.exe)

03 April 2020

  • PRB34429: PM - Unable to download Windows 10 Feature Update ISO with DOWNLOAD_ORDER "Vendor,Infrastructure"
  • PRB34198: Duplicate entries in table DHCP Entries