Empirum Hotfix Installer 18.0 Update 3


The Matrix42 Empirum Hotfix Installer for 18.0.3 contains all released hotfixes for Empirum 18.0.3 since the official release.


  • Matrix42 Empirum 18.0 Update 3
  • Microsoft Windows PowerShell version 3.0 or higher

Feature highlights

  • Easy installation of all available hotfixes since the release of the base version
  • Regular updates with the latest hotfixes and notification via email
  • Automatic detection of already installed hotfixes (if installed via the hotfix installer)
  • Automatic compilation of the post installation steps to prevent redundant activities
  • Shows the installation steps before hotfix installation

Current Release

Important note: This Hotfix Installer is only for Version 18.0 Update 3 (18.0.3)!

Solved Problems

28 February 2020

  • PRB33097: Error during import the packages "Domain Join 1.4", "Disk Partitioning 3.12" and "WindowsInstallation 4.11"

14 February 2020

  • PRB34216: Inv: Cannot transfer inventory data via UEM Agent since version 1911.2
  • PRB34250: PM: HTTPs Download error for some 3rd. party patches

25 October 2019

  • PRB33825: INV: Inventory does not read the SQL Server Edition 2017 and higher

26 July 2019

  • PRB33473: EWC: No audit for Create/Update/Delete configuration/assignment groups

12 July 2019

  • PRB33410: WinPE - Error during WinPE Image creation

05 July 2019

  • PRB33236: PM: Installed Windows 10 SP 1903 gets still detected as missing
  • PRB33256: Advanced Agent doesn't work if LDAP server cannot be reached
  • PRB33297: TFTP2 service crashes due to an undersized integer field
  • PRB33311: Devicemapping.xml constantly tries to update, but is accessed by another process
  • PRB33315: OS.ini and XML in AUTO directory is no longer delete
  • PRB33318: Unattend.xml is only written if PXE Image is directly assigned to the client

31 May 2019

  • PRB32996: EWC: Computer properties cannot be changed
  • PRB33125: Import issue with Windows 10 Language Pack 1903

10 May 2019

  • PRB33001: PM: Auto Approve also approves patches with not activated vendor severities

12 April 2019

  • PRB32796: Personal Backup: Force Backup all User Profiles creates no ini file with the User SIDs
  • PRB32835: PM: Processing of PM files generates extremely high load on SQL Server

22 March 2019

  • PRB32523: DiskImaging does not work with WinPE 1809

  • PRB32584: PM: Approved Office language packs are getting deleted after catalog sync

  • PRB32737: PM: PMClient produces very long running times with high CPU load

  • PRB32748: Depot: Offline PXE/WOL configuration files are written in too many folders

8 March 2019

  • PRB32573: EMC: Deadlock error on saving computer properties

  • PRB32660: SDK 1.13: Error - Failed to activate the computer - the variable is ruined

1 March 2019

  • PRB32175: INV: Windows Embedded is detected as full version of Windows

  • PRB32662: Advanced Agent: Reboot will be forced

22 February 2019

  • PRB32575: MacAddress is not taken over in the properties, "NOMAC"

25 January 2019

  • PRB32260: EMC: Loading the search/replace dialog takes too long having many software packages

  • PRB32459: Log files sometimes causes writing computer.ini files

  • PRB32460: PM: Report 'Patches Overview' doesn't show service packs

18 January 2019

  • PRB32183: EMC: PXE flag is disabled when more than one client gets the same MAC address

  • PRB32310: EWC: PXE flag is disabled when more than one client gets the same MAC address

04 January 2019

  • PRB32175: INV: Windows 7 Embedded is detected as full version of Windows

  • PRB32265: The Empirum Silverback-Integration cannot connect to the Silverback API

  • PRB32268: No connection possible to the Empirum-API service with a Windows account - Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITYANONYMOUS LOGON

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