Matrix42 Client Management Hotfix Installer (16.1.1) - LTSB


The Matrix42 Client Management Hotfix Installer for 16.1.1 contains all released hotfixes for CLM 2015 SP 1 Update1 (Empirum 16.1.1) since the official release.

Please note that Version 16.1.1 is currently in LTSB support. Only customers with active LTSB agreement will be supported and should install the latest hotfixes. All others should install the latest update.

Feature highlights

  • Easy installation of all available hotfixes since the release of the base version Client Management 2015 SP1 (16.1.1)
  • Regular updates with the latest hotfixes and notification via email
  • Automatic detection of already installed hotfixes (if installed via the hotfix installer)
  • Automatic compilation of the post installation steps to prevent redundant activities

System requirements

  • Matrix42 Client Management 2015 SP1 (Empirum 16.1.1)
  • Microsoft Windows PowerShell version 3.0 or higher

Current Release

23 March 2018

Released Hotfixes

The following hotfixes are currently part of the Installer:
  • PRB29074 Computer objects will be duplicated if also detected by Device Discovery
  • PRB29075 Under certain circumstances, the Mac Agent doesn't install software packages
  • PRB29159 SWDepotLog service does not delete imported PXE logs
  • PRB29138 Package Wizard crashes when editing MSI properties
  • PRB29148: Package Wizard creates wrong MSI Installer IDs
  • PRB29123: A reboot which has been activated through Remote Management will not be executed at the selected Date/Time
  • PRB29170: After deleting a computer from an assignment group, the ddc file will not be updated
  • PRB29102: Under certain conditions, the webservice doesn't start after installation of the Subdepot Webservices Configuration package
  • PRB29198: PXE service update for using Self Provisioning with EPE4
  • PRB29199: Unwanted software activation after adding and deleting of a package to a configuration group
  • PRB29207: Activating a computer causes multiple entries in the activation queue depending on existing depotserver assignment
  • PRB29216: WakeOnLan service ignores the configured date
  • PRB29266: Easy Recovery calls ERIS.exe without signature check
  • PRB29117: Wrong behavior by the function AskUninstallOld=2 when old and new version of a software package are assigned to the client / ERIS_UI doesn't start if called by desktop link
  • PRB29327: Missing function in Empirum API DLL (Software provisioning through Empirum Connector / Service Catalog doesn't work correctly)
  • PRB29376: No download and no installation, if a product is assigned in a higher version for uninstalation and in a lower version for installation
  • PRB29476: Empirum Console hangs up (LTSB)
  • PRB29530: No package installation of version 1.0 and 2.0 if in version 2.0 a scheduling is set (LTSB)
  • PRB29560: WOL: Wake On Lan ignores the additional broadcast IP addresses in online mode (LTSB)
  • PRB29568: Wrong properties of new insert Linux packages (LTSB)
  • PRB29596: Copy and paste of packages in configuration groups doesn´t work (LTSB)
  • PRB29615: Citrix Server Logons after Reboot still disabled (LTSB)
  • PRB29787: Wrong properties of newly inserted Linux packages (LTSB)
  • PRB29793: WOL: Uncontrolled wake up of clients - WOL Offline (LTSB)
  • PRB28869: Device Discovery: Created mappings are not recognized (LTSB)
  • PRB29815: Import of more than one Windows 10 MUI language pack from the same language - Only the latest MUI version will be installed
  • PRB29923: Error by SDK PowerShell-Cmdlet (Invoke-EmpirumPackageReinstallation) after update to Empirum Version 16.1.1 (LTSB)
  • PRB30420: PM3: Catalogsync fails because of problems with the default download-URLs (LTSB)

  • PRB29196: Activate new software during Search and Replace Dialog (LTSB)

  • PRB29688: SetReboot 4 doesn't work when installation runs under control of ERIS (LTSB)

  • NEW - PRB30881: PM3: Changes for Microsoft Office Security Bulletin Naming Convention (LTSB)

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